MJLC  Faculty Professional Development Offerings

Our consultants will work with you to design the perfect professional development workshop for your faculty.
Workshop fees range from $250-$295 for organizations within the greater Chicago area.  BJE member schools receive a 10% discount.

Creative Strategies for Learning: Ideas for the Beginning, Middle & End
of Class

During this interactive session, participants will learn exciting strategies to heighten student engagement. Teachers will leave this workshop with a variety of methodologies for initiating instruction, formative assessment and exit strategies which can be immediately integrated into their lesson plans.

Instructor: Linda Sonin
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

Differentiating Instruction through Learning Centers

Learning centers provide an opportunity for teachers to maximize class time and meet a variety of student needs. Teachers can meet with a small group of students to reinforce or introduce topics while other students work independently. In this workshop, you will:

  • Explore learning center design that focuses on differentiation using Gardner’s multiple intelligences
  • Experience instructional tools (both with and without technology) ideal for learning centers
  • Create learning centers that you can implement immediately into a variety of content areas and grade levels

Instructors: Linda Sonin
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

Upping the Engagement While Calming the Chaos

In this fast paced workshop we will discuss methods for building a structured, nurturing classroom environment. Then, using multiple intelligence theory as a framework, we will explore techniques for fostering creativity and meaningful student learning.

Instructor: Linda Sonin
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

1, 2, 3 Success! Easy & Adaptable Art Techniques for the Jewish Classroom

This hands-on workshop focuses on simple art techniques that can be used successfully with a wide variety of ages. Each method is quick to learn and easy to apply. No prior art experience needed. This workshop requires an additional $75 art supply fee; unused supplies will be left for faculty use with their students.

Instructor: Linda Sonin
Length: 2 Hour Workshop

Bringing Relational Judaism into the Classroom

In his 2014 book, Relational Judaism, Ron Wolfson writes “What really matters is that we care about the people we seek to engage. When we genuinely care about people we will listen to their stories, we will share ours, and we will join together to build a Jewish community that enriches our lives.” In this interactive workshop, participants will explore how they might bring the tenets of relational Judaism into their classrooms, strengthening engagement with both the material being taught and the institution itself.

Instructor: Rabbi Toby H. Manewith
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

Eighteen Ways to Engage a Fidgeter

In (nearly) every classroom, there’s a student who is drawing, or tapping a pencil, or making repeated trips to the wastebasket. Often considered an annoyance or distraction, and interpreted as rudeness or defiance, these behaviors may be the sign of something bigger. Learn what’s behind a lot of fidgeting and get tips and techniques for channeling the energy into engaged and productive participation.

Instructor: Rabbi Toby H. Manewith
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

Inquiry-based Learning with Breakout Boxes

Escape Rooms have become wildly popular over the last number of years for team building among children and adults alike. Breakout.edu has brought this concept into the classroom, with puzzles that both teach and assess student knowledge. In this workshop participants will learn tips and tricks for creating breakouts as well as best practices for working with, or adapting, puzzles and boxes created by others.

Instructor: Rabbi Toby H. Manewith
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

Enhancing the Classroom through Play

Kids love to move and play. No matter the topic you teach or the age of your students, you can use play to enhance learning.  In this session, we ourselves will move and play in order to explore how to channel kids’ love of play into joyful, serious learning. Be prepared to move, think, and collaborate (and maybe dance too).

Instructor: Rabbi Eric Zaff
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

More Than Learning With A Friend

Chevruta is a traditional learning style that touches on many current educational philosophies. In this workshop, teachers will explore how to implement or expand chavruta learning in their classrooms as they engage in their own learning of a timely text. Teachers will leave better able to implement effective chavruta and group learning in their classrooms.​

Instructor:Rabbi Eric Zaff
Length: 1.5 Hour Workshop

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